China Declares Ban On Ivory Trade By The End Of 2017 For An Amazing Reason

Wildlife Conservation Society Asia director Aili King stated,

“This is great news that will shut down the world’s largest market for elephant ivory. This is a game-changer for Africa’s elephants. We call on all other countries with legal domestic ivory markets to follow China’s lead and close their markets as well.”

WWF- China chief executive Lo Sze Ping added:

“Closing the world’s largest legal ivory market will deter people in China and beyond from buying ivory and make it harder for ivory traffickers to sell their illegal stocks.”

This decision clearly signalizes a major boost to tackle the elephant poaching crisis in Africa.

Along with putting an end to the world’s primary illegal ivory market, China’s announcement points a boost to international efforts to protect the elephants.

Well, we have to wait to see how strictly the policy is enforced.


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