Bizarre Bedroom Confessions That Will Leave You Awestruck

5 de dezembro de 2016 renanlorenzutti 0

Sex life is a very sizzling and important part of a couple's life. But at times, you are not satisfied with your sexual life, the reason being unknown to you. Anyways, a research claims that only 35% women are happy with their sexual life. So, why the rest of the women are not happy with…

High School Teacher Fired After Her Inappropriate Posts Online

5 de dezembro de 2016 renanlorenzutti 0

A teacher at high school does play a huge role in shaping the students' behaviour and character. But what happens if the teacher herself is a bad influence? Well, as a first, she's fired. And that's exactly what happened with a high school teacher who went with the alias Chunk Bear online, after some inappropriate…

10 Signs You Are Washing Your Hair All Wrong

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We all want our hair to look good, be soft and shiny, that it does not fall too much and always be in a way that we can style it in a million ways to go with whatever we wear. Advertisements today even cater to this major need. Sadly, not all recommendations and advertisements work,…

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